Audiograde Electrolytic Capacitors

Audiograde Electrolytic Capacitors











In this section theaudiocrafts brings to you a great collection of the world's finest audiograde electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors are found in only the best brands and their top quality audio products.
There are a few things to be said about the products in this section.

All the products are high quality audiograde series of electrolytic capacitors from various manufacturers.
All the products are 100% authentic/guaranteed and are made and imported directly from Japan(nichicon.ELNA) / thailand(ELNA) . Other wise the origin is specified in the concerned products.
Please note that the audiograde series are not off the shelf products that are avaliable in all values in any series and through all electonic part distributers. These are only manufactured for Highend/Top quality audio products/brands. Only some inventory is made avaliable for distribution through the authorized networks. We stock the latest batch dates as per the avaliability and these would be the same if bought from us or from abroad because there are very limited distributors for these worldwide
On the special demands of some of you we have also tried to bring you some of the rare / Old  Series of Audiograde caps . 

If you have any other questions regarding these products, please drop us an email.

Please also look out for the audiograde power capacitors in the Power capacitors section.


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