Originals & Fakes

At theaudiocrafts we have a Strict Policy against the Fake Products Floating in the Indian Local Markets as well as on Ecommerce Platforms .Time and again we get requests for certain Parts and Products which are Fake and the Customer is unaware of this and also At times some of you may have a Doubt regarding certain products being Original . In this section we will be putting up info on such products . This in turn can help all of you to be aware of Such products .

  1. Hitachi HCG FA For Audio Series Capacitor - 100% Fakeno 

This product has been Floating both in Local Indian Market and also Online. This is a Fake capacitor . Hitachi does'nt make any such Capacitor 

2. Tocos Cosmos RV24 series With a Blurred Product code Marking , White Box and Cheaper Price . The Box Reads ASSY in China - Fake no

The Original Tocos Cosmos Comes in An Offwhite Packaging Box and it is Made in Japan . The Stampings at the back are Clear Crisp . The Box Reads Made in JAPAN. The Product has an Excellent Built Quality yes

3. Fake ALPS RK27

This one comes with a product code RH2702 and May or may not have Alps Logo on it , This is not a carbon Pot and instead is a Step Pot . - Fake no

There is more to this fake product,  this Fake Product is a Counterfeit Of the Original Patented Wing Yip Step Pot 




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