Here You can Find A wide Variety Of High Quality Modules / Circuit Boards to assemble your DIY Amp .

  • All Power Capacitors Are checked before they are Dispatched , If you need to Check the capacitance always remember to Drain the capacitor before checking it.
  • All Circuit Boards are checked for their proper functionality as stated before they are dispacted , 
  • All modules / Circuits are supplied to us by reputed Suppliers Abroad and as they don't have their physical presence here so we can not provide any warranty on these parts/modules/circuits.
  • If these are damaged by the user these can only be repaired and not exchanged.
  • We are only supplying limited versions of modules of each categoery which are directly from their original designer / manufacturer and not from any 3rd party seller.
  •  All the modules circuits have been tested for their flawless operation/working and hence these are very much reliable.
  • These circuits use the best quality of components for the price .
  • Please take a note that the modules / circuits are from very reputed designers. Similar modules are available on the e-markets which have been copied using inferior part quality and sometimes even faulty designs, for example one of our soft start board from XD has atleast 3 different copies , all bad ones with faulty operations . 
  • If you have any questions regarding the modules  , we can directly put your questions to the designer / manufacturer and have them clarified .
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