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Inductors are one of the basic components of a speaker crossover system . Inductors become more reactive (increasing AC resistance) as the frequency increases, and thus lower the sound pressure on the driver more and more as frequency increases. In other words they resist the flow of high frequency AC signals through them.

We at theaudiocrafts bring to you the very finest quality of x-over inductors . These are manufactured for us by a professional OEM company in Taiwan that supplies Inductors to a lot of Hi-End loudspeaker manufacturers around the globe and DIY parts Supply websites.  These inductors  use the finest and the purest quality of laminated OFC copper wire which is not avaliable in India . All the inductors have been manufatured with a very tight tolerance scale and thus you dont have to worry about matched pairs.  

Quality Matters:

All The Inductors in this section are manufactured with the best quality standards for the price . In case of Audio inductors the audio signal has to travel through extremely long lengths of copper wire, so the quality of copper should be very good.  By Quality we mean that the copper should be Oxygen Free and have the highest Conductivity. All Of our Coils Use the High quality 99.99% OFC copper made using the CDA101 copper cathode,  Our coils are wound on a CNC Orthocylic Precision Winder. The layering of the coils is very important and while a coil is being wound on a CNC precision winder . Proper wire tension is constantly measured by the feedback system in the machine which makes sure that the wire is not stretched too hard and inturn the structure of the copper is not harmed in any way .The Copper layers are wound very perfectly and then are baked for a prolonged time  , which ensures no saturation, hysteresis, or other magnetic distortions. These coils have finally been measured using a Hi end  LCR bridge For their Inductance and DCR values. The Inductance values are within a very tight tolerance and as per us there is no need of matching pairs. All the values listed are in stock and are dispatched the same day.



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